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Founded in 2009, QUNHAN PLASTIC COMPANY, LTD. is a privately owned compounding company, located in Taichung city, central of Taiwan.
QHP has specialized in the recycling, reprocess, sales and shipping of a broad range of plastic reprocess resins. QHP provides generic or customized product options for industry sectors.

What we do
QHP has been at the forefront of plastic resin trading for 20 years, specializing in post-industrial plastics. Our major compound products are from 100% recycled plastic to Taiwan leading injection molders and sheet manufactures. QHP is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality reprocessed plastics. From the original tolling focus, QHP has grown and developed into one of the producers of engineering grade custom compound. Our repro- product opens up a world of possibilities for injection molders wanting a high-quality reprocessed material.

Our mission
Our goal is to create the possibility of where resource recovery and re-use become the default options. We trust recycled plastics are able to re-enter the polymer market and be marketed in competition with prime materials.
We are well prepared to lead and fully serve the international marketplaces and process that enhance materials performance, property, and overall value.
We become widely recognized as experts in developing innovative green plastics, process plants, and business models that deliver both financial and environmental benefits.

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